From Thanksgiving to Christmas and Beyond!

So we hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving, but the holiday season has just begun, and that means there’s a lot of holiday parties to attend, lots of yummies to be had. So how does one enjoy this wonderful season without the guilt and still accomplish their weight loss or weight maintenance goals?

Don’t Wait Till January!

Most of us find ourselves motivated to get control of our health as we begin to come out of the food coma – the holiday season. The number one New Year’s resolutions we make is related to weight and fitness goals. According to Business Insider about 80% percent of us fail to keep our new year’s resolutions. So rather than using the holiday season as an excuse to eat unhealthy and making grand promises to ourselves in January only to fail, how about a more balanced approach that lets us enjoy the season yet build good habits now?

Plan Ahead!

If you’re gonna get a head start on your resolution, you’re gonna need to do some planning. Figure out which holiday parties you intend to attend this year and how you can avoid showing up hungry so you’re not as tempted to binge on all the yummies. For when there’s fewer social gatherings, eat balanced healthy meals so when you do attend a holiday party you’re able to enjoy it without feeling as guilty. It’s all about balance.

Find a Healthier Spin!

A big part of planning ahead is figuring out which holidays treats you normally enjoy and finding healthier ways to make them. You can still enjoy what you normally would with just a few simple changes to your recipes. For example if a recipe calls for sugar, consider swapping it out for honey or other natural sweeteners. If a recipe calls for milk or cream, consider low-fat versions, etc.  Get started with these ideas on the Food Network.

Skip the Alcohol!

Ok…just go easy on it? A great way to avoid drinking a lot of those empty calories is by replacing them with other delicious yet healthy festive drinks such as:

Cider, Thyme + Tonic Mocktail

Cranberry-Apple Cider Punch

Seedlip Spice Sour

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Shop Till You Drop!

Ok, we’re really just trying to suggest you need to get some physical activity in and if simply getting active for your health isn’t motivating enough, then perhaps holiday shopping will be! This year, skip online shopping and go out and get your shopping done the good old fashioned way. Hunting down that perfect gift at the best prices will take you from store to store, mall to mall, all while burning calories. According to some studies, a person of 100 lbs can burn about 400 calories for 3 hours spent shopping in a mall which includes walking between stores, standing in lines etc. You’ll lose a lot more calories if you weigh more. Now, that’s a fun way to burn some calories!

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