Bariatric Surgery

Surgical Group of North Texas works with you to create a complete weight loss plan.

Nutrition Tips

Post surgery, your new normal will be a low-carb, high-protein diet:

  • Aim to eat 3-5 small, protein-based meals every day
  • Always stop eating when you feel satisfied
  • Remember—no drinking with meals & wait 60 minutes post meal to resume drinking
  • Eat protein first
Breakfast1-2 scrambled eggs & 1 sausage linkProtein Shake1/4 c cottage cheese & 2 oz Canadian BaconProtein Shake1/2 Plain Greek yogurt w/walnuts & berries1 – 2 Slices of bacon w/a hard boiled egg1 – 2 scrambled eggs & string cheese
LunchProtein ShakeLettuce wrap: 2-3 slices deli meat w/cheese & pickles2-3 oz. grilled salmon w/small salad1/4 cup tuna or chicken salad w/ 1/4 cup berriesProtein shakeLettuce wrap: 2-3 slices deli meat w/cheese & pickles1/4 – 1/2 cup chili w/ 1/2 cranberries
Dinner2-3 oz tender pork chop w/green beans3 oz. grilled salmon w/ squash3 oz. grilled chicken breast w/ avocadoSmall hamburger w/ 1 slice of cheese & vegetables2 meatballs w/ steamed asparagus2-3 oz. meatloaf w/ steamed brussels sproutsProtein Shake

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